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What is this?
This is a todo-list for everyone who thinks they lost track of their 'hidden' duties, and consequently lose control over their lives. This app will not magically restore order in your life, but it lets you see what's wrong and what your everyday progress looks like.
What can it do?
Tasks are repeatable by default, so you never need to set up something twice. Tasks are ordered by their relative due rate, for example:
'Eat every 6 hours', 3 hours overdue = 50% overdue.
'Play the guitar every 3 days', 3 hours overdue = 4% overdue.
That way, you can always see at a glance what is probably most important to get done next. Below is an example.
Your stability for the last days, weeks, months, and even years is visualized in a progression chart. Each time-scale builds the averages in a reasonable frame, so your current daily progress won't be clouded by ancient tasks.
How to read the above chart: From 7 to 3 days in the past, Clara reduced her daily due-rate (green), which is good. But then, she ignored the list for a few days for one reason or another; consequently, her disturbance slowly raised again.
What about the other two lines? Clara only started using the app a few days ago. But apparently, she has some unfinished tasks since 3 years ago, which steadily increased her disturbance. What task could this be?
But the point of this story is that you can create long-interval tasks with start-dates way in the past. So you can get a somewhat accurate idea of where you are on the scale, right from the start.
You can also assign tasks to predefined categories and check your character sheet, as if you were an RPG character. (More categories may be added in the future)
What does it cost?
As of now, a large toll on my 'go to sleep early' task and around 120€ of hosting expenses per year.
If you feel overly generous, you can
me a coffee.
How to get started?
Just register an account with a valid email address. After verification, you can create your first plan in the Rundowns tab! (Sometimes the email server is a bit of a potato, in that case it can take a few minutes for the mail to arrive.)
All the best,