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Create repeatable Todos
Compile a list of things you want to do periodically, be it maintenance, social, physical or cultural tasks. Upon completion, a new task will spawn with the duration that you personally deem reasonable.
Track your development
Visualize how well you hold up to your own standards over the last days, weeks and months. Draw your own conclusions on how this may affect your well-being.
You can also assign tasks to predefined categories and check your character sheet, as if you were an RPG character.
How to get started?
Just register an account with a valid email address. (Sometimes the email server is a bit of a potato, in that case it can take a few minutes for the mail to arrive.) After verification, you can create your first schedule in the Rundowns tab!
Costs / Privacy
This is a project of passion, first and foremost developed for myself. It comes in the form of a website so it can be used anywhere and on any device. There is literally no overhead for me to allow other people to use this tool, with all of its features, for free. (As long as I don't need to increase server performance or capacity).
There are no third parties involved, all data you submit remains on the app server only and you can delete it at any time in the account settings. Backups of the database are stored up to 4 weeks and then deleted automatically.
Paid features are planned (e.g. even more advanced stats), but those will be opt-in and marked as such.